Past conferences

2017 Copenhagen

Changing rooms?! Permanent displays and their storage

Programme, delegates list and Minutes

2016 Bassano del Grappa and Milan

XXIVth General Conference – Joint meeting ICFA/COMCOL

Art collecting and the sense of place: an integral and integrated approach towards arts, other heritages and collecting

Programme and Abstracts


2015 Lausanne

The Museums of Fine Arts in the digital area

Programme, Delegates and  Minutes

2014 Palermo

Old and new outfittings in the Fine Arts Museums


Delegates List



2013 Rio de Janeiro

(XXIIIrd ICOM General Conference)

Places for reflection : Museums as connectors of cultures, times, people and social groups – Conference coorganised by DEMHIST, Glass,  ICDAD and ICFA

Programme, delegate list and minutes

2012 Moscow

Museum Complexes: Principles of functioning, management and development

Programme, Delegates List, Minutes


2011 Malta

The Mediterranean as a Hub for Artistic Ideas


Study Day – Papers

2010 Shanghai

(XXIInd Genéral Conférence of ICOM)

From Silk Road to Containers Ship : Artefacts, Environment and cultural transfert

Conference coorganized by DEMHIST, Glass, ICDAD and ICFA

Programme, Abstracts

2010 Oxford

The New Museum: Buildings and Display Strategies for the Early 21st Century

Programme, Delegate list and minutes

2009 Rome

Rome and the World: The Arts in Rome from 1860 to 1911


Programme, Delegates list, Minutes


2008 Athens

Greece and the World: Artistic Exchange and Influence from 1800 to the Present Day


Study day programme

Study day lectures

Delegates List

2007 Vienna

(XXIe ICOM General Conference)

Fine Art Collections and the Role of the Curator: Historical perspective and curatorial practice

Programme, Minutes

2006 Coburg (with visits to Gotha, Weimar, Altenburg, Dresden)

Fine Art Collections in Their Historical Contexts

Programme, Delegates list, Minutes

2005 Dublin

The Future of Fine Art Museum : Permanent Collections or Temporary Exhibitions

Programme,  Minutes

2004 Ljubljana

Landscape and Identity in ex-Jugoslavia


2004 Seoul

(XXe ICOM General Conference)

Museums and intangible Heritage

2003 Helsinki

Artists’ Colonies and Artists’ Travel

Programme, Minutes

2002 New York

Private Collectors and Donors

Programme, Minutes

2001 Barcelona

(XIXe ICOM General Conference)

Managing change : Museums facing economic and social challenges

Delegate List


2000 St Petersburg

18th-Century Collections

Programme, Minutes

1999 Stockholm

European Sculpture: 16th-20th Centuries



1998 Melbourne

(XVIIIe ICOM General Conference)

1997 Poznan (with visits to Cracow and Warsaw)

The Art Market and Illegal Traffic in East European Countries


Delegates list, Minutes

1996 Amsterdam

Museums in Historical Buildings

Programme, Minutes

1995 Nord-Pas-de-Calais

The Museums in Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Delegates List



1994 Boston

University Museums



1993 Budapest

The Museum in Civil War / The Absolute Masterpiece

Programme, Minutes

1992 Quebec City, september 21-24

(XVIe ICOM General Conference)

Rethinking the “Boundaries”

Programme, Minutes

1992 Berlin, october 15-18

Looking East

Programme, Minutes

1991 Copenhagen

Sponsorship in Museums

Programme, Minutes

1990 Florence

The Movement of Works of Art Within the European Community

Programme, Minutes


1989 The Hague

(XVe ICOM General Conference)

Picture collection and display

Programme, Minutes

1988 Munich

The Bavarian National Museum; CIDOC working group “Normes documentaires”

Programme, Minutes

1987 Edinburgh

The Display of Paintings and Sculpture in Fine Art Museums

Programme, Minutes

1986 Buenos Aires

(XIVe ICOM General Conference)

Fine Arts Museums in Argentina

Programme, Minutes

1985 Lisbon

Programme and minutes

1984 Venice

Import and Export Control of the Fine Arts

Programme and minutes

1983 Lille and London

Lille, 3-6  march, Minutes

London, XIIIe ICOM General Conference

Scholarship Within Fine Art Museums and It’s Transmission

London, 24-31 july, Minutes

1982 Stockholm and Amsterdam

The Collecting Activities of Fine Art Museums

Stockholm, 17-21 april, Minutes

Amsterdam,  9-10 september, Minutes

1981 Manchester and Paris

Manchester, Executive Board, 19 may


Paris, 18-19 june

The Collecting Activities of Fine Art Museums


Rules amended

1980 Mexico City

(XIIe ICOM General Conference)
Foundation of ICFA

Founding docs

1979-1980 : From IAEC (International Art Exhibitions Commitee) to  ICFA (International Committee for the Fine Arts (pre c.1900)

Preparatory documents

1979-1980 Prefounding